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Sugarcain Entertainment Spotlights Gina Catalino

"Gina Catalino’s “Swept in Sound” is the perfect accompaniement to any summer get together "

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Gina Catalino / Internet Radio

Gina Catalino July's Featured Artist on MPYR RADIO!!! 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gina Catalino on "The Radar Report"

Gina Catalino featured on XM Satellite Radio (XM 43) "The Radar Report" 

1-hour show featuring 13 up and coming artists!

Gina Catalino "Swept In Sound" album review by



by Gary Schwind of

One thing is immediately noticeable about Gina Catalino. She just lets her voice be. In an era when female vocalists force it and go up and down through their range for no real reason, it's refreshing to hear someone that sings. Frankly, it's not only refreshing, it's good. Gina Catalino has a smooth even voice that puts me in mind of someone like Carole King.
The album begins with a kind of jazzy, funky tune called "11:32 PM." This is a real good tune about missing someone shortly before midnight and a strong way to start the album. This song includes the lyrics "I'm wishing away Los Angeles." I'm sure she's not alone there.

"Blue Eyes" is a soulful song that reminds me of both Norah Jones and Jewel. That is to say…Jewel when she sings in her normal voice, not when she's doing her best Muppet voice. "Blue Eyes" is probably my favorite track on this album simply because it contains the kind of soul you just don't get very frequently. This is one you might want to put on repeat.

Gina Catalino is a talented singer/songwriter. One thing I can say with a great degree of certainty is that she feels what she sings. She is not just going through the motions or making an album because she can. It's easy to tell that every note and every word means something to her. Not only that, but she moves easily between folk ("Move Me"), jazz ("The Walk," "Foolish"), and soul ("Here & There"), performing with equal aplomb no matter what style she chooses. This album does have one flaw…it's too short. At less than thirty-five minutes, she definitely leaves you wanting more (much more).

Gina Catalino - Swept in Sound
Rating: 4 STARS

Wednesday, April 11, 2007



Gina Catalino is a hot new talent who's debut CD, Swept In Sound, was released in early 2007. Gina is a fresh-faced beauty with an equal amount of talent as a singer-songwriter that it's easy to be swept away by the whole package and that bodes well for her future because she'll hook you and reel you in one way or the other. Originally hailing from New Hampshire Gina brought her natural style and aspiration first to L.A. and then to the Big Apple where a lot of top level musicians would eventually join her on her first full-length release. The disc opens up with a jazzy one-two punch of "11:32 p.m." which tells the tale of her struggles in Los Angeles and "Foolish" which bops along on a hooky chorus. This record jumps around and delves into many genres from jazz, folk, blues and pop but it's all tied together nicely by Gina's plaintive and, at times, vulnerable vocals which are always soulful and sultry and delivered with a refined clarity that jumps out of the speakers. The best tracks are the numbers featuring the understated production which lets Gina shine on vox and acoustic guitar but there is tasty accompaniment on piano, lead guitar and horns that is threaded throughout the CD providing a uniformly cohesive sonic experience. Gina's lyrics are wise beyond her years, intelligent and insightful and her compositions offer a real personal glimpse into the life of this rising star. "Move Me" is a song about love and rejection that is the most moving moment on the album. "Nobody's to Blame" finds Gina excelling at the moody up-tempo rocker which has a Jewell meets Edie Brickell meets Nelly Furtado vibe that proves Gina Catalino is a force to be reckoned with. Check out Gina Catalino's debut today and you'll be swept up in the sound - and vision. You'll have no one to blame but yourself if you don't!

Recommended Tracks: 
(5,7,10) [USA/NY 2007 - web] (Reviewed by Richard J. Lynch for - 2007/03/15)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Video of Gina Catalino's Album Release Party

"Swept In Sound" release party

Acoustic versions of 1132pm, I Believe, Nobodys To Blame, & Move Me.